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Book of Zechariah


Have you participated in Believers' Baptism as a Christian?

Join us for baptism on Navarre Beach on May 22nd. 

If you have believed in your heart and confessed with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and have yet to follow Him in believers' baptism, there is no need to wait. 

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After Paul was converted Ananias urged him saying, "And now why are your waiting? Arise and be baptized..." Acts 22:16

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IF: Gathering

Registration is now open for the IF:Gathering 2022 Women's Day Conference at Coastline Navarre. 
🏜This all-day gathering is for all women and high school girls at Coastline Navarre. 
🏜It will include Biblical teaching, worship, fellowship, and giveaways. Lunch will be provided. High school girls can register at no cost. 
🏜June 4th 9-5PM $15
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Trail Life

Coastline Navarre is starting the very first Trail Life Troop in Navarre! There is such an incredible need for Christ-focused scouting in our area. We expect to start meeting as "Trail Life Troop FL-0110" when school begins again.

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In the meantime, we are looking for adults interested in serving as adult leaders in these positions:

Direct Contact Leader - meets weekly with Trailmen to provide direction, coaching, and support to boys and young men in the following programs:

  • Woodlands Trail (age 5-10)

  • Navigators (age 11-13)

  • Adventurers (ages 14-18)

Troop Committee Member - meets monthly to help in areas such as Secretary, Health and Safety, Fundraising, Advancement, Events and Ceremonies, Training, Onboarding, Community Service, etc.

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