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Follow-up Questions 
Word of God
Part 3

1) From the last three weeks in our series, briefly describe the three ways that the Word Of God is profitable for man & woman.  


2) What is the difference between “reproof” & “correction?” According to Pastor Randy, what begins to happen in the believer when correction starts to take place? 


3) Pastor Randy pulled from Proverbs 24:16 & Proverbs 9:8. Randy mentioned what tragic view we often have concerning “The Wise?” According to these passages, who is really the wise? Can you think of a time when you received “reproof” but not “correction?” 


4) 2 Samuel 12:1-13 lays out King David’s reproof from the Lord. What depicts King David’s correction?  


5) Pastor Randy mentioned that the Lord will give us grace in our time of need but sin still may produce consequences that we have to live with. According to 2 Samuel 12 (and other passages, if you know them), what were David’s consequences for his sin? 


6) Describe how the Lord’s grace can be found even with our consequences of sin as we move forward, drawing close to the Lord. What are some consequences that some people possess from sinful behavior?


7) Pastor Randy mentioned that as believers, we should all be disciples. What is at the core of being a disciple of Christ (hint: one word)?  


8) According to 2 Timothy 3:17, what is the purpose for God’s correction in our lives? As we walk with the Lord and receive His correction, how does this fulfill what Paul writes in Philippians 2:13?


9) Think about (discuss if in a close group) what the Lord is reproving you about right now. What corrective steps do you need to take? 

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